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Mold may seem like a “tomorrow” problem. If left unchecked, mold can create serious issues for your home, your family’s health, and your pocketbook. At Drico Restoration, we provide expert mold remediation services to give homeowners complete peace of mind.

Discovering mold in your home can be alarming. The most important factor in mold removal is prompt action. Drico Restoration ensures the remediation process can start immediately to protect your property, restore a safe environment, and prevent the further spread of mold in your home.

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Signs of Mold

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Musty Odors

Water Stains

Wall or Ceiling discoloration

Peeling or bubbling paint

Respiratory problems

Allergy symptoms

Common Causes of Mold Growth

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High Humidity Icon

High Humidity

Florida’s humid climate and warm temperatures are the perfect environment for mold growth. Homes in the Sunshine State must employ smart mold prevention strategies to stay protected year-round.

Water Damage Icon

Water Damage

Any water leaks - even tiny ones - from your plumbing, roof, windows, and foundation provide a highly conducive environment to develop mold. Promptly addressing leaks is crucial in preventing severe mold growth.

Poor Ventilation Icon

Poor Ventilation

Improper ventilation traps moisture - which creates the ideal conditions for mold growth. Basements, attics, and closed-off rooms should be inspected by a professional to ensure mold isn’t allowed to develop.

Hvac Condensation Icon

HVAC Condensation

Many Florida homes use air conditioning throughout the year. If condensation from these systems is not properly drained, the moisture cultivates the perfect environment for mold to thrive in the ducts - which requires immediate attention.

Our Process of Mold Remediation

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Inspect & Assessment

Our first step is to understand the depth of your mold problem. We perform an exhaustive examination of your home to determine the best course of action - with the help of a mold inspector and industrial hygienist.

Contain the Spores

Drico Restoration’s experts will isolate the affected area to prevent the spread of mold to other areas within your home or property.

Eliminate the Moisture

We identify and address the source(s) of moisture buildup to make sure you won’t face ongoing mold problems after it’s removed.

Filter the Air

Our experts use professional air filtration devices (HEPA filters) to capture and remove mold spores from the air to keep you and your family safe.

Remove Contaminated Materials

Certain porous materials - like wood, drywall, and carpeting - may be laden with mold. These materials cannot be adequately cleaned, which means we have to remove them completely in the mold remediation process.

Clean & Disinfect

Our team will thoroughly clean and disinfect all impacted areas using specialized mold-killing solutions.

Restore & Prevent Reoccurance

Once we restore the affected area, we implement a number of preventative measures to make sure the mold doesn't return.

Why Choose Drico Restoration?

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  • We Offer Affordable Pricing

    We take great care in how we calculate our rates to make sure you don’t end up paying for mold remediation services you don't need.

  • We Understand Insurance Companies

    Drico Restoration is IAC and Lead Safe EPA-Certified to inspect, clean, and remediate property damage - and we have extensive experience working with insurance providers to get the best solution for our clients.

  • We Use the Best Remediation Technology

    We use the latest innovations in mold remediation and prevention to efficiently restore properties facing mold problems. No matter what the challenges look like, we’ll meet them head-on - and conquer them.

  • We Act Prompty

    Mold spreads quickly - which means our team must operate even quicker in mold remediation and prevention.

A Pipe With A Wooden Piece Hanging, Showing Mold Growth

What Makes Us Mold Experts?

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Certified Specialists

Our team is IAC and Lead Safe EPA-Certified to make sure our clients get proper remediation for their mold problems.

30+ Years of Experience

Our years of experience in mold remediation and removal honed our skills in handling any type of mold problem.

Claim Expertise

We deal with insurance companies every day to help our clients get the perfect solution to eliminate mold in their homes.

A Wooden Beam With Insulation And Mold On It

Need Help Filing a Mold Damage Claim?

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Drico Restoration brings years of experience to mold remediation - and we’ll help you through the complicated water damage claims process.

What Gulf Port Residents Have to Say

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Areas We Serve

  • Pinellas County

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FAQs About Mold Remediation and Removal

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Yes. Managing the mold remediation process without specialized skills can potentially exacerbate the problem and create future problems down the road. The best results in mold removal and prevention require experienced professionals.

This depends on the extent of the mold growth within your home, the location, and several other factors. Generally, if the problem is severe, it’s best to find another place to stay while the mold is being removed and the property is sanitized.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Mold remediation and removal services can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the home, the type of mold, and so on. An inspector will come to your property to assess the damage and provide an estimated cost for the mold remediation process.

Coverage for mold remediation through homeowner’s insurance can vary depending on the cause of the mold and the terms of the policy. In many cases, standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover mold damage if it was caused by a preventable issue - which includes lack of maintenance, neglect, etc.

At Drico Restoration, we deal with insurance claims regularly - and we’re happy to guide you in the right direction.

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